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School Site Council

Marguerita's School Site Council (SSC), made up of the principal and an elected body of school personnel and parents, meets at least six times a year to be trained and facilitate input into the school program and the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA).
SSC meetings are from 2:45pm - 3:45pm in the Learning Center. Please see School Calendar for time and date on upcoming meetings.


Members present: Thomas H. Kohout, Rosana Quach, Jason Earley, Jenny Chan, Jessica Ruiz, Justin Wen,  Ernest Shen, Nasser Niktab, Kimberly Av, Emma Dudziak, and Teresa Johnson 

Members Absent: Ernest Shen, 

Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 3:14 pm.

Welcome and Introductions - Mr. Kohout welcomed everyone to the meeting and reviewed the norms. Introduction of the newly elected teacher members, Kim Av, Emma Dudziak, and Rosana Quach are returning to SCC for another term. Mrs. Jessica Ruiz is our Library Media Aide, she is joining us in SSC this year.

Approval of Minutes from 9/3/2020 - 

Mr. Kohout asked members to review the minutes from the last meeting. Mr. Niktab inquired about the increase of the budget and Ms. Johnson explained that with the increase in enrollment and the losing of our Instructional Specialist (Jody Dowell) position, we have more money in Title I. Mrs. Av asked if the purchase of iReady Reading is out to be out of the site or the district. Ms. Johnson shared the license of iReady Reading was purchased with site money last year and is due to expire in May (2020). The district will work with the school to renew the subscription and Mr. Kohout will update the members of progress. 

Mrs. Av motioned to approve the minute, Mrs. Quach seconded, motion passed.

Distance Learning Tool Kits

Ms. Johnson shared that with extra funding to support distance learning, the school is surveying teachers to see what kinds of “tools” to purchase in order to better support them during this time. Tools included but not limited to webcams, microphones, whiteboards, etc. Mrs. Chen also mentioned that the PTA has allocated funds to teachers for classroom supplies. Mr. Niktab asks how the school/district is addressing the social-emotional needs of the students at this time and the school will continue brainstorming ideas for team building, and keep us posted.

New Hires/ Position updates - Ms. Johnson: Intervention teacher-  that person declined, will continue to intervene. 

2019-2020 Achievement Goals & results - 

Mr. Kohout highlighted some of the results from our  SPSA Goals last year. 

For SPSA ELA/ELD goals, no results could be found about the first two goals, since SBAC testing was suspended due to the pandemic. For goals three, based on the BAS assessment results, students have advanced in their reading levels. That goal was met. 

We also met the Goal of parent involvement with the activities that we set out to do. Ms. Johnson shared that Marguerita is in its 2nd year of implementation of PBIS and our school is a model school. Ms. Johnson complimented the hard work that the community: staff, students, and staff are doing to bring about meeting this goal.

Mrs. Chen asks how the school is going to go about setting this year’s goal. Ms. Johnson explained that a number of committees are involved, with our Leadership Team leading the way in drafting and SSC approving them at the end. 

Ms. Johnson shared that the District has not heard from the state regarding SBAC testing this year, therefore, the district is planning to proceed with the assumption that SBAC will happen.

  • BAS K-2 
  • iReady Math -
  • iReady Reading
  • Grade 3 - 8 Reading Inventory
  • Kinder iRead
  • Grades 1-2 Math Inventory
  • IAB

Roundtable: Questions/Comments

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Adjournment: Mrs. Quach motioned to adjourn the meeting, Mr. Kohout seconded. Meeting adjourned at 3:50 pm.

October 9,  2019

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Friday, October 4, 2019

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Monday, October 7, 2019