Marguerita Elementary School

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Principal's Message

      Marguerita School strongly believes that all students can be amazing
learners.  However, learning itself cannot be achieved by chance. It must be a
result of strategic well planned instruction, grounded in DATA analysis and
cultivated with purpose, fidelity, and perseverance.  We, at Marguerita, are
committed to educate and develop all students to be critical thinkers of the 21st
century through our high quality, research based, data-driven instruction so as to
enable all to be college and career ready.

     We take pride in our community, culture and spirit  that stresses that every
child can be college bound.  It is a culture and spirit utterly supported by
teachers, staff, parents, and members of the community at large.  With unity in
this spirit, we strive to help, engage, and empower students to achieve success.