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Welcome to Marguerita PTA

Bienvenido a Marguerita PTA

Marguerita 學校家長教師會 歡迎您


Parents and Friends,


Welcome to Marguerita Elementary School!!!  Marguerita PTA invites you to be a member of Marguerita PTA.  Join us as we work to make Marguerita the best school for our students.   We know how important your children are to you and also your commitment to help ensure the best in terms of education, safety, and health of your children.  With your help as a member of Marguerita PTA, we can support the school to achieve that!


First of all, the general role of the PTA is to build strong working relationships among parents, teachers, and school in support of students.  Its functions may include recruiting and coordinating volunteers, providing recognition in awards ceremonies, organizing parent education event or workshops on strategies and tools to advocate for their children, bringing groups of parents together to share ideas and thoughts about programs and activities that benefit children, providing information and resources through PTA website, and during school parent meetings, workshops, and monthly newsletters.  Another one of our PTA focus is to raise funds to support the school such as in subsidizing field trip expenses and other equipment cost that may help to enable the better functioning of the school and thereby promoting a more conducive school environment for our students.


At Marguerita, the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is trying to engage our students to enhance their learning by sponsoring programs and activities such as the following:


* Scholastic Book Fair        *  Field Trips for All Grade Level        * Star Students          * Good Guys   * Movie Nights  *PE Class Supplies          


                 *  Career Day    *  Reflections Art Contest    * 8th Grade Year End Promotion  * Canned Food Drive   * Pennies For Presents


Furthermore, joining Marguerita PTA will open doors to National PTA, which is a national network that provides us with forum and tools collectively to influence the decisions that affect children not only at their schools, but also throughout the districts, states, and around the nation.


Parents, Families, Relatives, Friends, Teachers, Students can join our PTA


***There is no limit on how many PTA memberships each child can turn in.

Please write each member’s name on the envelope.


The membership dues are $10 per person.  With your membership, you will receive discounts on products in stores  and save money.  PTA member benefits include:  Discounts from Staples, Legoland admission tickets, Sylvan Learning Center, etc…  The discounts will pay for the membership itself!  Please use an envelope, include cash or check.  Make your check payable to Marguerita PTA and turn it into your child’s teacher.  Marguerita PTA is a 501(©)(3) nonprofit organization.  Any support in the form of donation is always appreciated, welcome, and tax-deductible.


We invite you to be part of making Marguerita School the best it can be.  Join PTA today!




Pamela Tran                                       Ms. Teresa Johnson

Marguerita PTA President                  School Principal

PTA Email address:

1603 S. MARGUERITA AVE. ALHAMBRA, CA 91803 Phone:  626-943-3620  




Bienvenido a Marguerita PTA


Los padres y amigos, bienvenidos a la Escuela Primaria Marguerita !!! Marguerita PTA le invita a unirse a nosotros a medida que trabajamos para hacer Marguerita escuela lo mejor que puede ser para nuestros estudiantes. Sabemos lo importante que sus hijos son para usted y su compromiso de mejorar la educación, la seguridad y la salud de sus hijos. Con su ayuda, la PTA puede lograrlo! Un miembro de general de algunos de los beneficios de la PTA ofrece son: oportunidades de promoción, creación de redes, de compromiso, de información, de recogida de conocimientos y de distribución, y voluntarios.


También PTA trae grupos de padres para compartir ideas y pensamientos acerca de los programas y actividades que benefician a los niños. Nuestra PTA proporciona información y recursos a través de las reuniones de padres, talleres, boletines mensuales, el sitio web de la PTA, y otros canales de comunicación. Por otra parte, la red de la PTA Nacional nos proporciona foro y herramientas colectivamente influyen en las decisiones que afectan a los niños, no sólo en sus escuelas, sino también a través de sus distritos, estados, y alrededor de la nación. Asociación de Padres y Maestros (PTA) está tratando de ayudar a nuestros niños y sus familias mediante el patrocinio de programas y actividades como las siguientes:


                   * Feria del Libro Scholastic                     * Excursiones para todos Grado              


                  * Carrera Día                                            * Reflexiones Concurso de Arte


Los padres, las familias, parientes, amigos, profesores, estudiantes pueden unirse a nuestra PTA


*** No hay límite en el número de membresías del PTA cada niño puede convertirse en.

Por favor escriba el nombre de cada miembro en el sobre adjunto.


Las cuotas son de $ 10 por persona. Usted recibirá descuentos en productos en las tiendas con su tarjeta de membresía y ahorrar dinero cada día. Beneficios para los miembros de la PTA incluyen: Descuentos de Staples,

Entradas Legoland, Sylvan Learning Center, etc ... membresía del PTA se pagará por sí mismo. Por favor llene el sobre adjunto, incluyen dinero en efectivo o cheque. Haga su cheque a nombre de Marguerita PTA y convertirlo en maestro de su hijo. Marguerita PTA es una (©) (3) organización sin fines de lucro 501. Cualquier ayuda en forma de donación siempre es de agradecer, bienvenido, y deducibles de impuestos.


Te invitamos a ser parte de lo que Marguerita escuela lo mejor que puede ser. Únete PTA hoy!




Marguerita PTA – Contact us by email:


señora Teresa Johnson

Director De La Escuela



Teléfono: 626-943-3620 NUESTRO SITIO WEB:

Marguerita 學校家長教師會歡迎您

父母和朋友, Marguerita小学欢迎您! Marguerita PTA家长教师协会邀请您加入成为会员.  加入我们的团队工作让我们的学校成为最好的学校。 因为我们的工作,使Marguerita学校成为最好的.   我们知道你的孩子是多么的重要,你和你的承诺,提高你的孩子的教育,安全和健康。有了您的帮助, PTA可以做到这一点!有几个会员优惠的PTA提供有:宣传,网络,参与,信息,知识的收集和分发,和志愿者的机会。也带来了PTA家长团体一起分享创意和想法有计划和有利于儿童的活动。我们通过PTA家长会议,研讨会,每月通讯,PTA网站,和其他沟通渠道提供信息和资源。此外,全国PTA的网络为我们提供了论坛和工具共同影响,影响孩子不仅在他们的学校,也是整个地区,各国的决策,并在全国各地。家长教师协会(PTA)正在努力帮助我们的学生和家庭通过赞助计划和活动如下


                                  *图书銷售博览会                                                         *   实地考察了所有年级                  


                                  *职业日                                                               *    思考艺术大赛







会员费为每人10美元。有了会员卡您将收到商店与产品的折扣,每天节省资金。 PTA会员的好处包括:从斯台普斯折扣,乐高乐园入场券,西尔万学习中心,等等。请填写所附信封,包括现金或支票。支票上请付给Marguerita PTA,并把它交给你的孩子的老师.   Marguerita PTA家长教师协是501©3)非营利性组织。任何形式支持以捐赠非常感激的,欢迎的和可以减税的。  成為會員是全年的.   沒有停止.  我们邀请您成为我们的会员使Marguerita学校成为最好的。今天加入PTA家长教师协会!




Marguerita PTA President: Pamela Tran       校长  Teresa Johnson                            1603 S. MARGUERITA AVE ALHAMBRACA 91803 626 -943-3620

Contact us: email address:


It is a gift for us to see all of our children happy at school while learning successfully.  Giving time to help at our children's school is a wonderful gift for our children.  In doing so, we also set a great example of the giving spirit for all children. Students have higher grades and test scores when we as parents are involved in their education, volunteer our time to help in classrooms, school, and PTA activities.  Overall, volunteering has a positive effect on our children, ourselves, and our school-community. 


Please let us know how you would like to help at Marguerita Elementary School and contact us if you have any further questions.


School office:  626-943-3620

Marguertia PTA: or leave a note with a phone number to PTA



                                                                                   2017 Fundraising Events and Activities
We always need parent support when it comes to our PTA fundraising events and school activities.  Please contact us by email or through Marguerita School office at 626-943-3620 email to:
Thank you for your support!!!
Marguerita Elementary School Fall Carnival
Santa's Secret Shop 2018
Marguerita School Math Night
December 14, 2018 Friday's Family Math Night. Hope to see you all there!
Gates will be open at 4:30 pm for Tacos/photos/hallway activities. 
Marguerita Gate will remain open during the event (4:30 pm-7:30 pm)
Benito Gate will be open 4:30 pm-5:00 pm & 7:00 pm-7:30 pm only.
Taco / Photo / Hallway activity: 4:30-5:05 pm
Introduction/Welcome in auditorium: 5:10-5:20 pm
Activity in classrooms: 5:30-6:45 pm
Prize Drawings in auditorium: 7:00-7:15 pm
2018 Jog-A-Thon was a very successful event at Marguerita Elementary School
Marguerita School PTA
Year Round Gift Card Sale Fundraising
No cost to you, need your support. 
Click this link for order form:  
2108-2019 Year Book for TK-5th Students
Marguerita Parents, please share your TK to 5th grade photos with the yearbook team using these links by Wednesday, March 13:
Math night, assemblies, Star Student, Twins/Pajama/etc day, field trips or even random photos of your kids at school with their friends. We'll take anything you want to share!
If possible, please refrain from sharing images that include children whose parents have requested that they not be photographed.
Thank you!