Marguerita Elementary School

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Parent Meetings

Parent meetings are held on a monthly basis at 8:30AM.    
Please submit agenda items to be discussed (use link or form below).  
Parent Meeting Dates
Deadline to submit Parent Meeting Agenda Topics
Topics submitted past the deadline will be considered for the following meeting.  
Monday, 9/19/16
Thursday, 9/15/16
Extended to Sunday, 9/18/16
Friday, 10/21/16 Monday, 10/17/16
Monday, 11/14/16 Thursday, 11/10/16
Monday, 12/12/16 Thursday, 12/8/16
Monday, 1/30/17 Thursday, 1/26/17
Monday, 2/27/17 Thursday, 2/23/17
Monday, 3/20/17 Thursday, 3/16/17
Monday, 4/24/17 Thursday, 4/20/17
Monday, 5/15/17 Thursday, 5/11/17